Hey guys we are currently writing new music and it is coming along great. The plan is to have a new material recorded by early next year. Thanks for all the support!!!
Oh! and for you SHUTDOWN fans. Keep an ear out!
Stay True.
Dion  De Nardo  

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"Thirteen tracks of blistering guitars, strong vocals and a pummeling rhythm section. Like the best hardcore albums, The Time is Now does not slow down, period. It's fast, Its pissed off. And it sounds great." Ian Jane  
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"The Time is Now is a celebration of hardcore"
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"You may have read that TLS has 3 ex-members of Shutdown and Mike (vocals) from Inhuman but I think it is time to take that factoid and put it on the back burner as TLS flat out shred and stand well on their own. Simply put this is a superior product to any of the previously mentioned bands. There I said it....this release catapults them up the chain to another level." Chris Wynne

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"That signiture Brooklyn groove this is excellent, tough, smart NYHC period." 

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"No weak tracks here... This is the type of album youcan listen to all the way through without hitting the skip button. Whether the band keeps it groovy or melodic or hits a heavier note, they never sound less than powerful."

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The Last Stand unleashes our debut full length entitled “The Time Is Now” on cd and digital via Eulogy Recordings! “The Time Is Now” was recorded by Jerry Farley @ Nova Studios in Staten Island, NY and features guest appearances by Lou Koller of Sick of It All on the track “Watch You Go” along with Dave Franklin of Vision & Joseph James of Agnostic Front on the track “Find Out”. The cover was done by artist Bill Scoville, who has worked on several releases with Coheed And Cambria. Look for The Last Stand to tour in the United States and Europe throughout 2013.

Track listing for “The Time Is Now” is as follows:

1) Unleashed
2) Where Were You?
3) Opportunities Lost & Found
4) Good Day to Die
5) Watch You Go (with Lou Koller of Sick of It All)
6) Samurai
7) TLS Go!
8) Conviction
9) Change
10) Lives Lost
11) Darkness vs. Light
Life's Questions
13) Find Out (with Dave Franklin of Vision/Joseph James of Agnostic Front)

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"THE TIME IS NOW" limited vinyl available!